**2006, our 20th year**   

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The Centre Européen de Poésie d’Avignon is a House of Poetry, founded in 1986. It is a successor to "La Maison du Livre et des Mots", created at the Chartreuse of Villeneuve-lès-Avignon in 1975, the first House of Poetry in France.

The Center is situated in the old walled city of Avignon just opposite the cinema Utopia, only a few meters from the main thoroughfare, the rue de la Republique. It has been led and 

administered by the association "Poésie dans la Cité" since 1998.

In the world of books and reading, the aim of the Center is to make poetry accessible to everyone. Its strategy is to provide a public space for artistic and literary life - a place where authors, artists, literary professionals and the public can explore poetry by way of discussion, debate and reflection.

The Center also focuses on that poetry which is embedded in the cultural life of locales, departments and regions. This thrust fits, moreover, into a significant network of European and international partnerships.

The Centre Européen de Poésie d’Avignon is the beneficiary of treasures accumulated over nearly thirty years. Today it is a wellspring of literary resources with its stores of thousands of books and reviews of French and international poetry. It has, as well, more than three hundred original manuscripts of French and foreign contemporary poets.

It is also considered an artistic and pedagogical laboratory. Here, in a milieu accessible to students and the adult public, pilot projects are hatched by innovators whose desire is to question the nature of contemporary poetry.

This experimental atmosphere supports the development of multi-field projects centered on poetry. It promotes truly living poetry and finds many bridges which artists and poets raise between their respective fields of creation.

The Center is sensitive to the fabric — cultural, educational and social — of the place where it lives; it collaborates regularly with the structures, establishments and associations of its environment. It takes steps to battle against illiteracy and exclusion.

Centre Européen de Poésie d’Avignon is a charter member of the Féderation européenne des Maisons de Poésie - réseau international.

**2006, our 20th year**

Centre Européen de Poésie d'Avignon
4, 6 rue Figuière
84000 Avignon
Tél:  33 (0)4 90 82 90 66
Fax: 33 (0)4 90 27 35 32

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